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You can’t buy Christmas

Life lately has been full of promise.


Promises once  forgotten, and promises fulfilled . Hope for the future and excitement glittering in the background, despite a darkening world.

And, as dark as this world can be, it’s necessary to look for the bright spots that are still there, flickering quietly.

Christmas is different this year.

My gift list has gotten smaller, and the moments are getting bigger.

Because this year is not about stuff, it’s not about fighting for a good deal, it’s not about getting the perfect gift to somehow attempt to win over those distant relatives  that really don’t care. It’s not about attempting to buy back love that isn’t there – or trying to win someone over with a gift,  because no gift in the world can change someone’s heart. No matter how much thought, love and foresight you put into it.

It doesn’t matter.

This year I’m investing for Christmas.

No, I’m not speaking financially. I’m speaking of investing in life.

Instead of being over  committed and too busy… I’m investing in freedom..

Freedom to be available to the people that need me, and do the things that make Christmas time magic.

Freedom to have a messy glittery filled craft day with my child, Free time to stay up and watch every Christmas movie on our list. Free time to make a meal for a new mother, or my father, who lives alone. Free time to see the Christmas lights, Free time to sip hot cocoa in front of the fireplace on a chilly Tuesday morning. (If it ever will get chilly here!)

Free time to create, and be creative.

Instead of being consumed by consumerism,

I’m going to give homemade, handmade and not plastic.

I’m staying home and creating  Christmas because you can’t buy it. All the Nativity scenes in the world wont bring Christmas to your home. It has to come in your heart before anything. When Christmas is at home in your heart, it’s at home within your house.

This year I’m taking this season to a new level, and using every moment to teach the child I have been blessed with. We only get one chance to impact our children, and why not embrace this season for all it has to offer, instead of being too busy to notice?

Making cookies with my daughter for friends and neighbors also makes memories that are irreplaceable. Delivering the cookies shows the true spirit of Christmas. Taking the time to set up a tree for my 84 year old dad, teaches her to honor and respect the elderly.  Using the extended vacation time for community service, teaches that giving time can be the best gift of all. It’s those little moments of life that impact our kids the most. Not in the gifts you buy, or parties you took them to.

So, this season take back your days, and enjoy the moments.

Invest your time into living , not accumulating.







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