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_DSC5475It’s been awhile.

You deserve cookies.

I am peering out from under my rock, finally getting back into the comfort of routine. As much as people complain about the staleness of routines, I embrace the comfort of the mundane, the blandness of the everyday norm. But, just because it’s the everyday, run of the mill routine; it doesn’t mean that it can’t be filled with sweetness and sprinkles. Or, vanilla chips and almond in this case.

Sure, I like a little spice in my life. But, only in my food life- thank you.

What’s a food life? Oh….. Another phrase I made up.

You know, your “food life”…

Are you gluten free?

Are you vegan?

Do you not eat fried food?

Are you Paleo?

Whole Foodie?

Sugar free?


Now you know… soon, it will be a box you check in an application. Right next to gender. Wait. It will probably replace gender, because these days, people seem to have “gender issues”- right next to “food issues”.


So, I made cookies. A big feat, because my life recently  has been non stop. Non stop as in overwhelmingly non stop to where nothing is getting accomplished. Non stop to where an hour into the day, anxiety sets in and grips my soul.

That’s where I stopped the non stop.

­čÖé Stop. Pray. Engage the emergency brake and bake.┬á OK. Now, that needs to be on a T shirt.

_DSC5475And, how I forgot the beauty in baking batches of sweet, chewy cookies….

So, I’m back. Totally back as in I’m not letting the judgments of family and frienemies dictate my choices in what I cook, bake, write, say or do.┬á For years I felt like I had a gag placed on me. A writing gag, that choked my words and my inner will to share beyond the niceties of life.

The gag of judgment was suffocating me.

( All of the sudden I’m hearing “I can see clearly now the clouds are gone” is in my head, but I have replaced the lyrics with “I can breathe freely now the gag is gone”) Do you ever do that? Get a song in your head and replace it with more ah-hem... insightful words. Oh yes. I make up jingles for my life.

Today’s jingle is going to involve selling stuff on online arenas. Hmmmm….” I┬á have a bunch of junk and I need cash now” sung in an opera voice, of course.

I’m rearranging the house. Opposite style. Most people get rid of the crib to make room for the bed. I’d rather get rid of the big stuff to make room for the small things. It’s the little things that count, after all. More on that later. Oh, and it will be gender specific. Because every little girl deserves a chance to be a princess in my book.

No, I’m not pregnant.

Expecting, yes.

Pregnant no.

You’ll see. ­čśë

Are you here for a cookie recipe? Silly me. I rambled.

I found these on pinterest. Everyone finds things there.

Pinterest should start a dating pin site. That would be good. Lol, can you imagine? Let’s call it Pinterested People Seriously… I wonder if a lot of pins would be a good thing in Pinterested┬á people?

“Dude, did you see how many pins she has?”

There would be boards for good food dates, good drink dates, and of course good DIY dates.

This takes “backyard movie night” to a whole new level.

But, we will stick with cookies for now: I have a link for this recipe, because I believe in supporting my fellow bloggers’ recipes and hard work. If you want to make these like I did, simply omit the chocolate chips and add vanilla chips, and almond extract in place of vanilla. Easy. You can do it.

A big shout out and thank you for all your hard work in the kitchen Karina!



Soft Chewy Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies


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