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peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread

peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread

Peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread ~ pure yum

Y’all: I have a confession- I love baking banana bread, but I hate to eat it. First of all, overripe bananas gross me out. I like my bananas a day early with a little bit of green, but we all know those are not the “right” bananas for bread. Kind of like a marriage, you have to wait for Mr Ripe Right Banana to merge into the nuptials of bread. But: Mr Right Ripe is too strong for my tastes, I like a more delicate banana …

Enter: Deez Nuts. (Peanut butter, that is)

Peanut butter and banana go together like bread and butter, and adding it to banana bread just makes sense. Add in the chocolate chips , and well, you know – chocolate and peanut butter. Yes, it’s like the other Mr Right came out and just made everything better.

Where have you been all my life,  you perfect banana bread where I only taste the peanut butter and chocolate with the slight hint of banana? My dream banana bread has finally arrived.

Banana Bread

peanut butter chocolate chip banana bread

Can’t you just taste it?

So, this is part 2 of my 30 posts in 30 days. (I’m taking Sundays off, BTW) I’m not sure if anyone reads any of this, or if any of this is even worthwhile, but I will definitely have a nice sense of accomplishment to do it. And I guess even of it’s just for myself that makes it worthwhile. But I’m hoping someone out there searching for the not too banana banana bread will find this, bake it, and be so happy. Because that’s one of the main reasons I do this: to make people happy. And to one day publish a cookbook, but my reason for that is the same: make people happy because they finally found the perfect recipe for __________ , you name it.

One day… maybe.

A few tips for this:

You can omit the nuts or chocolate , and add more or less in you want… both rum extract and vanilla extract are delicious. Use what you have!



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