taco stuffed shells

I really wanted to post this earlier, but when I sat down to write type it… I just couldn’t feel it. Hmmm… Weird, huh? That’s not like me.  It may have been the fact that I have had company in town, my car broke down, my 3yr old almost killed an 8 year old, and I’ve been in love….

Things like that distract you, you know.

I know, y’all are probably dying for the recipe now, huh?

Oh.. you wanna know what the deal is? No, my little one is not going to be on the news. (whew!) I was at a play-date with my dear food bloogy friend and my 3 year old happened to leap into the pool into her 8 year old… well, it was over the 8 year old’s head, and they both started sinking. Can you imagine?! So…. super-turbo-ninja-bikini-mama came and grabbed the two of them. Whew. Oh yeah, I have a new job description on my resume. I think I will shorten it to S.tnbm.  right after my name, you know like the people who have all that stuff after their name?

Michelle Keith, PhD, MS, AS, BS, S.tnbm, LLc, &%86, !!

Yeah… I kinda threw a few extra in.

Anyway…. so my car also broke down that same day, and that will be a great story for y’all…. I am totally making a cake for that story.

Because it’s such a sweet story, you need a treat to go along with it.

I still can’t decide what to make for the other story…. oh and before y’all think I am having some affair with a pool boy or a mechanic….that’s not the case.  I can’t decide on what to make for that segment….hmmm.

back to taco shells.

This is another Sargento recipe, which I love to do… maybe it’s because it’s nice to not have to type up the recipe. I get lazy sometimes, you know.

So, it’s taco stuffed shells- and they are filled with taco meat and topped with salsa and Mexican  cheese…come on guys, there isn’t a rule that says pasta has to be Italian! 🙂

And… if you think about it, what are the ingredients of flour tortillas? And the ingredients of pasta? Yep… pretty similar, right?


I got a dud box of shells…a ton of them were broken, but it worked out good, because I ended up with spicy salsa… so I had some broken shells and sauce for my girls that night.

and, you can’t go wrong with melted cheese… mmmm.

or the recipe, head over to taco stuffed shells and it’s all ready to print out for ya! YAAAY!


Special thanks to my buddies at Sargento for allowing me to cook their recipe and ramble about my life.

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