dec 2009 018

I am a sucker for sugar cookies. Especially ones that are covered in frosting. My big complaint though has always been that they don’t always hold their shape. My snowmen and bells would always end up looking like, um…doo-doo. So~ I hunted and hunted, and decided on Alton Brown’s sugar cookies. That guy knows his technical cooking stuff. I love him for that. And this rcipe.

xmas treats 002

get your butter and sugar nice n fluffy. (complete recipe link at end)

xmas treats 003

mix in the dry ingredients and you will get a thick crumbly dough.

dec 2009 008

I chilled mine until I had time to make em~ here is my one complaint~ The dough is dry. I am planning on re-making these with a tad bit of shortening.

dec 2009 009

much easier to cut them out on parchment on the baking sheet. Here is the link to the recipe: Alton Brown’s sugar cookie cut out

dec 2009 020

* little note from me: I am very sorry for my lack of posting. The truth is- I have just been really busy with the holidays, I have been doing lots of handmade gifts and had some custom charm orders, also. (yay!) So, I want all y’all to know that next week will be my big baking week (for the neighbors’ baskets I make) and I will be posting everything I make. Mainly, because I WILL be DONE with all the craft stuff. (another big YAY!) hmmm, maybe y’all would like craft posts?!