strawberry muffins

Remember the blueberry muffins last week? You know, the ones that taste like a bakery smells? Mmm. Well, these are just as good. Better. YUM. I made them yesterday and only have a few left, looks like it’s time to pick strawberries again.

…with my hungry helper.

Now, the recipe is the same, except use one cup of chopped strawberries instead of blueberries.And if you like, up the vanilla.  (duh, I know…) Bake the same amount of time, and voila!

If you leave them out on a plate- they make the room smell better than a Yankee Candle can, Seriously. (I guess candles are better for the waistline, though…they only smell good. They taste terrible.)

For the glaze- use 1c powdered sugar with 3tbs heavy cream, and 1tsp clear vanilla. Put it in a plastic bag n just drizzle it on.  Or- you can make hearts, or initials, or stars, it just depends on how “Martha” you’re feeling, I guess. I was feeling very “Michelle” yesterday. Very drizzle-y. (that’s a good thing.) Enjoy! MK

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