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Our local fair comes into town every January. When I was a kid, my mom would tell the school that my sister and I had a dental appointment, and pull us out early. In our lunch boxes on “fair day” she would place a tiny note, with a happy face and a ferris wheel picture… and we would excitedly wait in class for the school secretary to come pull us from our class, for our “dental appointment”.

As I grew up,  the days of going to the fair with my mom and sister ceased, and I began to prefer the company of friends, and spending all the time on the midway.

Then, I grew older and the fair became a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The fair is where my daughter tried her first ice cream.

The fair is where my hubby said “yes” to chickens, and the fair is where I got to see a calf being born.

So, today I decided to bring you, my friends- to “the fair”

IMG_7909First of all, there are the turkey legs. Everywhere, people are walking around, gnawing on a drumstick, and for a moment you wonder if that’s what cave men and women looked like…. at least that’s what I wonder.

IMG_8024Then, you see awesome spots like this. I am a devout tater tot fan.

Tots are the best.. I have a recipe here.

IMG_7916My daughter went on this; I am crazy scared of heights. Even more crazy scared when I saw my daughter that high.

IMG_8023And: this year my daughter tried her first funnel cake. See the bonnet? Yep, she bought that with her own money. And she wears it all the time. She wants me to get one, too. She is completely into anything “old timey” . She’ll do laundry with a washboard, she’ll make her own juice and homemade butter, and she begs me to have a “no electricity” day.

She’s recently told me that she doesn’t want to wear pants, shorts or jeans anymore. Because they are “too modern.” I need to plan a field trip to Amish country. Maybe this year will be the year…. I wonder if they would let us stay a weekend?

Oh gosh, my daughter might not want to leave.

I might not want to leave, ¬†either… come to think of it. There are days I loathe technology, and the distractions it creates.

One of the worst things a mom can hear is, “Mommy put your phone down and hang out with me.”

Hearing that once was more than enough for me.

fullsizeoutput_38Of course, she’s always game for a selfie. For now, at least…

Check back with me on that after a few years.

Happy Friday everyone!


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  1. Maureen says:

    O.M.G! Your daughter is adorable……a mini you! I lost track of you a few years ago when I changed my IP, then today I came across one of your recipes in my recipe box and decided to google you. What a heartwarming story about the fair! In case you’re wondering, the recipe I found is “fresh pasta with lemon butter sauce”.

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