There are times when I get a craving for two flavors at once… peanut butter and chocolate, cinnamon and raisin, beer and cheese….

I think whoever invented Cheddar must have done it next to a brewery. The nuttiness of the beer marries so well with the sharpness of the Cheddar… definitely a match meant to be.

I served my dip with an assortment of crudities, there would have been apples, if I hadn’t have run out of them. Whoops.

The beer in this recipe is actually cooked out, so you’re left with a nutty, wheaty flavor that permeates the melted sharp Cheddar. Think fondue. Think addictive.

A tip for this dip: Keep it warm. A small hot plate or chafing dish will do the trick.

Another tip: Use a good Cheddar cheese– don’t skimp. A good cheddar with have that rich creamy gooey melting consistency.

Oooo, just look at that oooze.


For the complete recipe, click here: America’s Best Cheddar Dip

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