spicy shrimp air fried egg rolls


Remember when you found out chocolate is good for you?

Or that avocados are healthy?

Oh yes. Meet the appetizer vision of that feeling.

Instead of taking the usually deep fried technique for these spicy gems, I placed them in my air frier. The results? Crispy, crunchy “I can’t believe its not fried!!!”

Even better? These are sooooo easy. Y’all know I need easy. I have four kids under five, and two of them are still in diapers. I need easy like Sunday mornings all week long.

For these, I used some good quality frozen fried popcorn shrimp, fresh rice noodles, julienned carrots and red peppers.

I used Twin Dragon egg roll wrappers, (this recipe was created for a recipe challenge) and let me tell you, these wrappers are the bomb. Seriously, I’m not just saying that; they are a dream to work with and air fry like a champ.

Winner winner egg roll dinner!

Or appetizer. I’d make a meal of these, and I’m known to have appetizers for dinner on occasion. Why not?

These are topped with a sriracha mayo mix, and served on a bed of lettuce, but feel free to serve them over rice or as an appetizer with a cocktail napkin and a cold beer.

Disclaimer: I was given free product to participate in the challenge, however thoughts expressed are my own.

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