Can I call it sushi still, really?

can y’all yell what it is?

fruit snack sushi

How about now?

Yes, I have been playing with my rice treats once more. I saw these YEARS ago and I always wanted to make them. The problem? Green fruit rolls were discontinued. 🙁

BUT…. thanks to Shrek, a limited edition came out, along with green marshmallows, but they don’t really appeal to me.

toss in some gummy fish and you have the workings for some sweet sushi.

In case you don’t have a recipe for rice treats, I will give you mine:

In a microwave safe bowl melt:

1/4 c butter

4 c mini marshmallows

(it takes my unit about 45 seconds to melt.) Watch carefully.

Stir in:

4 c toasted rice cereal and 1 tsp vanilla extract

Spread onto a prepared pan, allow to cool and cut into squares. OR….

shape into ice cream like this or make sushi like here.

Just wrap the rice treats (grease your hands) around gummy fish or worms, wrap in a fruit roll and slice.

fruit sushiAnd, you know what? They are tasty.

gummi sushiSeriously, I wouldn’t post it if they weren’t.

Now… I have something else, too. The other night I made a “taco pie”. It’s a keeper. It will be one of those meals I will make several times a month. Easy and inexpensive, too- I will most likely post that tomorrow-God willing. Today I am giving myself a free day (sort of) . I have never had one in my 3 years of being a SAHM. But, I decided to treat myself today because I finished an online class I have been taking early, the laundry is done, the animals’ homes are clean, the peoples’ home is clean, my closets and drawers are organized, the dishes (for now) are done, and the beds are made.

I do still need to: weed, organize photos on the computer, organize photos for the album, go through our file cabinet, inventory hurricane supplies, wash 3 stinky dogs, go buy coral food, plan Christmas early for once, go to the produce market, go to the post office, go to the bank, organize the hall closet, the junk drawer, my office drawer,buy school supplies, register for my next class, submit queries, call some friends and have lunch with my mom and sister.

Okay, everything will never be done. But, it’s good enough today to just hang out with my daughter… maybe go to the beach and have a picnic, then make some crafts. We had a craft class planned for tomorrow… but she is too small for it. Bureaucracy. Grrr.

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