DIY main dish sauces

white BBQ sauce

Y’all…. this stuff… is so so good.

This is another “hmeschool recipe” . You see: before I was a homeschool mom, I was a serious food blogger mom. Just look at the NINE HUNDRED posts on this site. Yes. It’s actually over nine hundred, but who’s counting that high?

So had did I go from 900 posts, (roughly 100 a year) to… ummm maybe 10?


We became foster parents, adopted three special needs kids, and… I now have four kids 5 and under along with a teen. So; my priorites went from food photography to family photograpy, my cooking went from developing recipes to repeating recipes. You know, “the keepers” the ones everyone loves.

Well, something happened along the way.

I also began to feel bad.

I never shared it with anyone until the other night. I told my husband I stopped blogging because I felt bad…

I felt bad because I hated how my “friends” would say things like, “Oh you make me feel worthless, inadequate, like abad mom, bad cook, etc…..” the list went on and on. And, even if some may have meant those words to be complimentary, they were not to me. They negated everything it was trying to do here. I wanted to inspire, motivate, encourage.

So, when I told my husband these things he simply replied:

“You stopped blogging because of how other people felt? Thats the dumbest thing you’ve ever said.”

I know, harsh, right? But he was right in a sense. Sure he understood my compassion, but what he also pointed out was that it wasn’t; my fault they felt that way. And, I needed to remember that. It’s not my fault I love to cook, bake and create. And, wanting to share the creations for other people to make and enjoy- it’s not a character flaw.

But to put things straight: I fail at a lot of my projects.

A LOT. So: I decided that I’ll make sure I share my fails as well.

Starting with this story. I failed because I let what other people thought dictate my destiny.

So: to the people out there that feel less worthy because I may do something you cant. That is everywhere. There will always be someone who can do more- and somepeople that can do less than you. Pert of life is learning how to do things, and that never ends. Making yourself feel bad because someone “seems” to have it altogether – is like pumping gas onto the ground instead of the tank.

So use what fuels you.

For me: It ‘s creating and sharing.

Enjoy, my friends <3

Back to the recipe, we were studying Alabama. And the two recipes from there that intrigued me were “Lane Cake” and this. I opted for the BBq because we are just coming off of Christmas, and honestly the last thing I want on my counter is a cake. I’m a bit sugared-out.

This sauce- the best way to decribe it is a spicy ranch. It has horseradish but you cant taste it. I had to refrain  telling  the ingredients to my hubby because he hates horseradish, so he tried it without knowing that it was in there. And, he loved it.



The recipe I used came from a mix of one I found on all recipes, and one that was in our geography book. So it’s an original blend?

You can add more cayenne if you prefer- or completely omit it if you’d like.

It’s really good on shredded smoked pork or chicken… in a sandwich with cole slaw, on a toasted bun.

But: its good by the spoonful, too. 😉



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