roasted red pepper and basil dip

So, you have company coming over in 8 minutes and need a snack for them? Not a problem. This can be made in 4 minutes.

In a food processor, place:

3 oz feta cheese

3 TBS cream cheese

dash garlic powder

2 roasted red peppers (either fresh or jarred)

1 handful fresh basil.

Pulse until smooth, add salt to taste. Serve with endive, celery, crackers, carrots….whatever you have that’s dip-worthy!

Woah. This was my shortest post ever. Don’t you think?

Yes, I know… where is the pink fluffy stuff that I have been talking about?

In my tummy.

Oh, you mean here?

It will be up soon. I wasn’t a fan of the pictures. I’m getting kinda anal with lighting now. (Uh-oh! )More pictures when the sun comes up, then I will hopefully share it with y’all. By the way…here’s a teaser….they really are delicious.

Have an awesome day, folks. Go hug someone. It’s fun.

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