meaningful gift idea #1

miscI make these every year for my hubby… he gets teary eyed every time he opens it up. This one, in particular is last years’ “model”.  The big dollar bill was a donation for our daughter when she needed a major medical test, and without insurance at the time- we simply couldn’t afford it. So, I made donation tins to place at my old job- the donations came through and the tests came out clear- so I made “happy rocks” as a thank you for the people to take. ( there is a pic of them in there, too) There is also coasters from restaurants, clippings from brochures from places we visited… and of course small snapshots of our life.  This gift probably costs about ten bucks to make. But, I can assure you- the recipient will remember getting it. You know how it’s hard to remember what you gave/got the year before? It doesn’t happen with this gift. So, go on and clean out your purse- you may find a few things to stick in a frame and make a memory out of! So, what was your most memorable gift from last year?

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