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image  There are days where it is a battle to maintain an outlook beyond what I can see. There are days when the glimmer of hope in the future is nothing but an ember smoldering on a candle on a birthday cake. A tiny orange hued speck representing the past years, slowly fading away with the stream of smoke vanishing before me. There are days when I am drawn away into the nothingness that the years seemed to have become. Vanishing.

I have days when I am lost in the dark, and I struggle to blow it off, much like the candles on a cake.

I know I’m not alone. We all have those days. Those days call for intentional living, and reclaiming any spark of joy that catches your eye. Those days, however, can sometimes seem so dark that you’re blind.

Blind days.

How do you find light when you’re blind?

How do you find hope with the candle has been blown out?

Just because you can’t see the light, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Sometimes, you have to look out for the light like specks of glitter in the dirt.  A smile or kind word from a stranger, a flower blooming in the weeds. It’s the small little gifts that show up,  the small moments that occur to let you know today is not forever, and this darkness will pass. Grasp those moments and reclaim happiness. Grasp the moments of a hug from a child, a phone call from a friend. A moment to sip tea and reflect on the goodness that is still there, and the goodness that is to come. Claim your stake. Reclaim your joy. It’s in those small moments, small moments where God intercedes our despair and nudges us to go on.

A while back, I was having a difficult time, mourning the death of my father, and the stresses of life began to pile up on me, suffocating and stifling me in every breath.  I prayed, I pleaded for the burden to lift, for the darkness to cease… and, it seemed- my prayers hit the ceiling, and returned back to me empty and hollow, echoing thoughts in my head. But, the  empty echoing prayers in my head were not unheard. Just because God doesn’t respond immediately doesn’t mean he’s not listening. He is listening. That’s why He hasn’t responded…. yet.


There are three answers to all prayers: yes, no and not yet.

I have gotten many not yets. And, usually I am pretty sure they are “no’s” while I’m waiting.

I have gotten many “no’s”. And, usually something better comes along.

But, I have gotten thousands of “Yes’s”.  From the blessing of a random hug or picture from a child, to finding a treasure in the street, from a sense of peace and security birthing from within my soul- despite the circumstances I may be facing. The “yes” of inner peace that transcends all understanding. Those, are the blessings of yes. Those are the moments I grasp and claim, I hold on to and cherish… and remember.

Most of the times, the darkness in our spirit comes because we have gotten so distracted that we forget the light, the goodness and the joy there is in living. We forget those thousands of tiny “yes” prayers.  We forget that we, ourselves  are lights to other people’s darkness.

The best way to light the dark is to become a light.

Reclaim happiness and share the light.

Over the next month, I’m going to purposely seek the reminders that encourage us all to reclaim our happiness. I will be sharing them with the hashtag #reclaiminghappiness.

It could be making a neighbor cookies or surprising your best friend with her favorite coffee drink.  It could be an act of service for your community, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or serving at a children’s home.It may be taking time to read a book, or indulge in a hot fudge sundae. It might be planting a garden, or pursuing a class you’ve put off in the past. It may be writing a love note to your husband, or preparing the family’s favorite meal. It may be noticing the flower blooming through the cement, and sharing the image with the world.  Whatever it is, you will find your light, and-  when you do, you will give light.

Reclaim your happiness, so that others may do the same.


Those are my thoughts for the day.


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