breakfast stir fry

 Breakfast stir fry, breakfast noodles (n)~ A savory concoction of bacon, spinach and a golden egg to keep you full, happy and nice all day… or at least past 10.


Days when you eat a decent breakfast are worth an extra dish in the sink.  Because, you never know when you might be stranded on the side of a highway waiting on a tow truck. Hungry because your breakfast biscuit and tea wore off thirty minutes after you ate….   and it’s no fun when breakfast  wears off and your hungry tummy makes you (ah-hem) mean. I know you’re not mean, you’re just hungry. I get that way. So, when I found these noodles (okay, they found me) I thought….

Breakfast. Breakfast noodles, to be exact.

I know, not the normal breakfast for Americans- but: let’s face it: our breakfasts barely get us past rush hour traffic. Breakfast biscuits? Smoothies? A cup of yogurt? Donuts? Come on! We need a good balance of carbs, protein and just enough fat to fuel our brain.


Breakfast stir fry…. that you can make in the same amount of time to scramble an egg and butter some toast.

Next time you’re in your favorite Target, or Albertson’s, or Asian market, check in the refrigerated section for  Fortune Asian Noodles, (you just place them in the microwave for 1 minute) saute some fresh spinach, add some cooked bacon and fry an egg… you have a filling and delicious breakfast that will make you nice. (Because you won’t be mean, since you won’t be hungry at 10:30)

Food that helps you be a better person. Don’t you love it?!

_DSC5552SO: how did noodles find me? Well, this recipe is part of the Fortune Asian Noodle Blogger Recipe Challenge, for my recipe I used the Yaki-Soba Japanese style stir fry noodles, however:  they offer several varieties of noodles- you can see other contestants and their creations on the following links:

Facebook- JSL foods

Twitter: JSL foods



disclosure: I was given free noodles to try and create a recipe for this post/contest









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