plans and such..

Ok, where have I been? I’m sorry folks. This week has been one of the more hectic- I’m sure you have had those, too. I got lost in the backyard early in the week, and began a project that continued longer than expected. I also shaved my Akita mix- that took longer than expected… I got addicted to a little water park in my neighborhood…well, me and Arista did. The days and hours got away from me-and here I am on Friday, with a quiet moment to tell you all about it. We are planning a trip, and the festivities of preparing house-sitters, pet-sitters,  fish-sitters, plant caretakers and packing for a toddler and a boat have also worn away my days.


I have great plans.

That involve food.

And drinks.


Today I hope to be able to share with you coconut rum balls. Just waiting in the sun for some decent food shots. I’m really starting to turn into a food photo junkie. I guess that’s a “good” junkie. Except for the cost of lenses. Anyway, have a great day and come back later on for a treat. Hint: easy-no bake-adults only.  (there’s liquor…)

need something visual? Me too. I get tired reading too many words on the computer.

Isn’t that pretty? I’m excited. I’m going to be sipping a bikini martini and snacking on bacon-wrapped grilled pineapple bites. 🙂 Then, cheeseburgers in paradise. And coconut rum balls for dessert. It’s the small moments in life that make the biggest memories.

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