cinnamon rolls-1I am a sucker for almost anything cinnamon. The only reason I say almost is because I loathe those hard, red cinnamon candies and red hots. I prefer my cinnamon to be brown and rolled up between layers of chewy sweet bread.

I think red things should taste like berries, or ketchup. Not cinnamon.

So, the first day of first grade is coming up for my youngest, and my oldest will eventually begin middle school. I say eventually because the school her mom enrolled her in isn’t “ready yet” I’m sure there is a construction crew in trouble over this somewhere. So, while all the other moms are doing their woo-hoos to the end of summer,  I’m in a slow motion move to the finish line.

And…it’s not that I don’t love summer. I just love structure, too… and there comes a point where summers freedom becomes a jail. All the shows  have been watched, it’s too blistery hot to even move outside, and the walls are covered with every craft project imaginable, and animals are tired of being at “the vet” every morning when Doc Mcstuffins is on.

Yep, I’m ready for Fall & “Mommy Summer”… in which all the mommies squeal with joy as they treat themselves to pumpkins spice lattes after the kids are deposited at school, and we actually have more than ten minutes to contemplate a thought.

I can’t wait to just get back to thinking all day long.

I used to wonder if thinking was synonymous with hearing voices in your head… because when you think, there is a “voice” there, right? I summed it up, though.. and I figured as long as it was my voice , everything was cool.  Lately most of my thoughts are actually prayers, so now there is a greater purpose in my “thinking time”. Because it’s about everyone else, and that gets the focus of some of my problems and issues I face. Because when I decide to think and pray on other peoples’ problems, my problems are instantly obsolete… for the time being, at least.

Just my two cents today. 😉

Sometimes, thinking can make you quite hungry…

whole grain cinnamon rolls with Yogurt frosting-5Pair one of these with your Pumpkin Latte, and it’s instant “mommy summer”… or, I could call it “Mommy Indian Summer”… that may suit the season better, huh?

I figured you’d need to see all that wonderful cinnamon filling in all it’s glory…

whole grain cinnamon rolls with Yogurt frosting-4


This recipe is one that I developed for Florida Dairy Farmers, and they have it all ready for you to print out here: Cinnamon Rolls