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Sunday school 101

For a while now, I have been the director of Children’s ministry at a small local church…  which basically means  I’m a Sunday school teacher and jr youth group leader, and I get to write my own curriculum, and lessons. Of course, I could always use a pre written curriculum, but developing my own has not only helped the children grow spiritually. but it has also helped me to see scripture on their level as well.  Sometimes, opening our eyes with childlike faith is all we need to see the true glory of God.

I had pondered sharing some of it on a separate blog at some point, which brings me back to my original resolutions here on this blog.

I’m not going to separate and compartmentalize my life.

This is a food blog….but life is not all food.

Food nourishes our bodies, But, that’s not all we need. 

 But, it’s not going to help you cope with tomorrow’s stress.

Sometimes, you need something more than food to fill an emptiness inside.

I’m not here to preach or give a sermon. I’m just here to share  some versions of what I’ve taught.

sunday school 101This is  a common sunday school lesson, the parable of the seed in  soil , where it lands determines not only the growth of the plant, but also the fruit it may or may not eventually yield.

When Jesus first told this to His followers, they were perplexed. It was a different concept for them to place themselves out of the standard context of the day. Back then, there wasn’t much time for the development of an imagination. There was work  to be done. 

Unfortunately, in today’s society there also is not much time for the development of imagination… Technology already thinks and imagines for us. 

We want to make a picture of an orange ocean and blue sky? 

Photo editing is at our fingertips.

We want to amuse ourselves and we are instantly satisfied- weather it be a social site or access to thousands of short videos and stories, mind numbing and time stealing games…

Gone are the days where our children crawl upon our laps and simply what to be told a story. 


Jesus still wants us to crawl upon his lap and hear his story.

We are all his seeds, and where are we allowing ourselves to be planted holds great significance in how-and where we grow our roots.

As we grow older and bear fruit- weather it’s fruit of the spirit or fruit of the womb- 

It all comes down to how well our roots are planted, and where are they planted? 

Are you planted in sandy soil? Will the slightest storm in your life wash you away from Him? 

Are you planted in rocks… In a small crack where you feel secure and safe, unwilling to take a chance and allow yourself to love and grow among others… Sometimes when you feel your safest is when the enemy can pluck you out  and away.

Are you a good seed but you’re surrounded by thorns? Are there people in your life that hold you back from what you’re destined to do? Are you running with the wrong crowd or being led astay by the thorniness of the worldly society we live in?

Even rose bushes have thorns. 

It’s easy to feel like you’re in the right place because there is beauty. But: be aware of the thorns.

Or, perhaps you are planted in His soil. 

Allowing the word to guide, enrich and fertilize you. 

Some of us are still seeds. 

Looking for a garden to call home.

Call out to the sower.

Ask to be planted. 

And grow.

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