The element of time…. 

I’m approaching another birthday, which, for me always makes me re-evaluate where I am, what I’m doing and where I’m going… and where I’ve been.  

I can mentally time travel my entire life in simple a few minutes of thought. 

And, it bewilders me that all of these hours and moments days and weeks simply melt into one big memory.  

When I was in college, I did a persuasive speech on this topic. Why can’t we remember time that recently passed, (like what you had for dinner last Thursday)  yet we can remember a moment when we were 8 years old ?  (like when Adam puked on the school bus field trip) Obviously our brains filter out the mundane and keep the memorable. So, why not try to make life more memorable?  

Why not… go out bowling on a weeknight?  

Have a picnic dinner in the living room?  

Surprise someone with cookies “just because”? (They don’t even have to be homemade…)  

Bring a co worker coffee?  

It’s not just about making memories for yourself, but for others, too. Do something that will make a memory… make a difference in the others around you.  

Speaking of time…. 

When I was a kid, I loved watches. I collected watches… they were tiny trophies I could wear; because when I learned to tell time, my mom rewarded me with a Snoopy Red Baron watch. It was black, and it had Snoopy as the Red Baron and the second hand was little clouds that went around and around the classic dog on his red doghouse. I was very, very proud of my watch trophy. And, I never wanted it to get lost on the playground, so every day, before recess, I would remove my watch and place it carefully in my school box, for safe keeping in my desk. Then, after recess I would go back to my desk and put my watch back on.  

Until one day, when it was not safe in my school box.  

It was gone.  

I told my teacher, and the entire class went to the playground to search for it. Although I had assured her I had always placed it in my box. But: she was certain I had lost it outside, I was six years old, and six year olds aren’t that responsible.  

But I was. And my watch was gone.  

The following school day, after a long weekend; Jake Smiley came to school wearing a wonderful Snoopy Red Baron watch.  

My watch.  

I told my teacher, but Jake Smiley insisted his mama got it for him.  

Unfortunately, that’s how the story ends.  

I’m not sure why my teacher didn’t go further and inquire of his mother’s purchase… maybe she was too busy or just scared to accuse him of theft.  

Needless to say, I don’t take my watches off anymore, unless I’m home.  

Do you wear a watch?  

Watches are so polite.  

They aren’t phones.  

Watches will politely remind you and others of the passing time… without the clear rudeness of checking a phone.  

How many times have you been somewhere… and you need to check the time, but you know that pulling out the phone will be a complete faux pas? So; you scan your surroundings… searching for a clock or a person with a watch…  

And, you think: I need to start wearing a watch…. 

Well, it’s time.  

Today, I have the most fantastic opportunity.  

I’ve teamed up with JORD (pronounced Yode) In case you haven’t heard of them, they are based out of St Louis, where they produce exceptional  quality watches with sustainable resources. Gorgeous wood bands that compliment any style.  

Seriously, this is my favorite watch. I love teal, so being able to glance at my favorite color all day is a perk in its own. And… the wood. I love wood. I love its ruggedness, and its beauty. I never knew there were wood watches before….of course they have multiple varieties, for men and women. This one, just happens to be my personal favorite.  Did I mention it also comes with it’s own wood humidor box? I love coming home, and at the end of the day placing my watch in it’s own box once again… this time it’s much more sophisticated than a school box.  

And, I have a chance for you to get your wrist on your very own one, too.  

The nice folks at Jord are offering one of you a chance at a $100 off one of their fine timepieces. To enter simply visit this link: 

The watches come with multiple options, from combining different woods and faces, and custom engraving of the watch band and it’s humidor presentation box.  

And, for you high tech watch wearers- they even make Apple bands.  

Time is precious. Keep track of it in style.  

Wooden Wrist Watch

Good luck ! 

Note: this post was sponsored by Jord watches; I was provided merchindise to reveiw for publication however opinions expressed are my own.




Wooden Wrist Watch