I we started a fast.

My carnivorous, cave man husband and I have started a “Daniel fast”, which is basically a vegan (no animal/animal products) diet with also no sugars of any kind. (including the vegan ones)

I did this partially a year ago, but never once thought that he’d ever be on board. I also never thought he’d go to church with me and the girls. He had ” his own “church” on the sea”, he’d say. I was totally fine with that- it gave me time to teach a girls’ life group and serve in the preschool area as well. It gave me the time to take classes and enrich my personal faith. I was  fine, but part of me hoped one day he’d go. Years passed and I grew very comfortable in my Sunday routine.

Until one Saturday night in December, a random night..before the bombardment of the Christmas season fully kicked in and made even the weariest church goer feel the need to attend a Christmas service. It was then he told me that he was going.

He said “Something told him to.”

I said, “That was God”

He said, “I don’t know, I just know I have to go at nine am to the main campus” Isn’t it funny when “something” tells us to do something – how often it’s written off as “just something”? I remember when one of my married couple friends finally decided that they would have a child. Her husband said to her “I feel like something is missing, and something tells me that we should have a kid”

People!!!!!: If “something” is telling you to do something that isn’t bad….   (although it may take you out of your comfort zone)….


There is a reason.

Lately I’ve been “told” to write more, get more creative in the kitchen and to get ready. Not for anything bad, but get ready. Get rid of all the clutter that binds up my time and my space, get outside and tend to the garden, clean out the things of my life that I :”ingest” that are toxic- both food-wise and media wise. I haven’t felt more alive and free.

Listening to my “something” is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Anyway, when my husband finally listened to his “something”- I cried, and nervously anticipated the sermon. Was is going to be on something that would totally turn him off? Was he going to understand the scriptures? Was he going to sing or clap? Could we sit in my usual spot? Was he going to take notes?

It ended up being a completely different service, about a local orphanage and the desperate need for foster parents in our community… a call for the church to unite, and stand as one for the children.

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the congregation.

So, as these months have passed, I have seen this amazing change in my husband- words cannot express how much more I have fallen for him, exceedingly more than eight years ago… in those giddy blissful first months of love.

Those giddy, blissful first months of love are nothing compared to my life now.

Like I said, words cannot explain.

So, back to this fast- in preparation of Easter we were called to begin a season of prayer and fasting. It wasn’t necessarily a food fast; you can fast TV, social media, coffee, etc. The point is to take away something and replace it with prayer and reflection. It’s an exercise in self control, and  faith. I had already sworn off the “social” Facebook myself – (ahhhhh) and my hubby was still “deciding”.

He began asking about the fast- what is omitted, what can we eat, why no cheese, etc.

I thought for sure he’s chose another outlet to fast.

But no, he said, let’s do it.  He was serious.

I immediately got out all my “old” vegetarian recipes and started planning menus. So, for all my vegetarian/vegan friends there will be a slew of stuff for y’all.For myself personally,  I cannot wait until I can at least incorporate agave nectar as a sweetener for my baked goods; right now it’s been nothing but bananas and applesauce. As for the no dairy/eggs/cheese/butter- almond milk, flax meal and olive oil have been doing the job (s) just fine for me.

Here’s a bit of our 21 day menu plan:

breakfast burritos made with tofu, green onions and salsa

potato gnocchi

grilled veggie paninis on flat-bread

spicy tofu stir fry over rice noodles

vegan breakfast muffins

tofu cutlet with creamy cilantro lime sauce

black bean burgers

lentil-rice loaf

vegan ravioli filled with spinach and tofu

potato perogies

vegetarian chili

flat-bread “pizza”

vegan cheese “steaks” made with marinated portabella mushrooms

spinach “burgers”

bbq tempeh

curried potato and spinach pockets

lasagna rolls

vegan sushi

smothered bean burritos

vegan tacos

veggie wraps

For snacks:


salsa and toasted pita chips



roasted chick peas

black bean dip

dried fruits (and fresh)

tons of muffins

frozen grapes

As far as the protein goes; I make sure that our snacks have some sort of protein- the bean dips and hummus come in handy for that.

I’ll be back tomorrow with recipe #1 Breakfast Burritos 🙂

See you tomorrow!



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