desserts pies

key lime pie with a toasted coconut crust

Summer desserts have to be 3 things:

It’s the thing to have for breakfast dessert on a swealtery summer night.

Speaking of summer…

It’s almost over, and this year has been different. I am usually planning my school days now, those magical 6 hours of not having a mini me attached to my hip. But this year, I am not embracing the school year as I had in the past, maybe it’s because my kid finally outgrew her tantrums, or maybe because I know these days of childhood will be gone in just a short time… this year is definitely different.  I don’t loathe summer after 9 weeks of it…

I still love summer…

Clearly, I need to take myself to the office supply store, and get some nice new pens, a planner and notebook, and get back to the real world. Because office supplies make me happy.

So do: puppies, reptiles, chickens,Jesus,  clean sheets, lemons and homemade cookies. Oh, and pie. That’s why I am here today:

I have pie for you.




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