Key lime pie cookies

There are desserts that should have babies.

Pie meets cookie at the social distancing dessert club during thanksgiving (remember my pumpkin pie cookies?) and eventually they stop social distancing… so here comes a slew of cookie pies, errrr- Pookies ?

So far I’ve got all the pie flavors, and maybe some pop tart flavors too….

However: today is key lime pie.

For many reasons, the biggest being I’m a native Floridian and what better way to showcase my cookie pies than with my home state dessert?

A sweet sugar cookie crust with a slight hint of coconut; topped with a white chocolate key lime ganache (honestly actual pie filling would not work here) it’s like a sophisticated candy bar … but minus the “bar “.

I’m blessed enough to have a key lime tree in my yard and it bears fruit for me…unfortunately, my toddlers think that they are free little bouncy balls; and more often than not they are plucked before they reach their full lime potential.


As if that would/will/could happen to anyone else…. who else has Key lime trees and four kids under the age of 5? – let’s just say if you find yourself in that predicament, I’ve got your back. You’ll get through it.

To make these little gems, you’ll need a batch of cut out cookie triangles; you can use my recipe here.

For the ganache; simply chop some good quality white chocolate and pour hot cream over it and I went to Sette a few minutes and then stir until everything is melted add some Keylime juice and key lime zest and do you have a tasty topping for these cookies.

I used my own perfect cut out cookie recipe for the base; and replace the vanilla with coconut extract.

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