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spiced apple tart

_DSC4507My daughter and I made this during our study of France, while working on  our Five In A Row unit of Madeline. We also made a Swiss, ham and leek quiche, French Onion soup, and crouque mosuiers, which I will share with you soon.

But, today I’m sharing this with you.

Most of you may not be familiar with Five In A Row, so I will quickly summarize that ; basically it’s a curriculum based off of children’s books.  You read the book for five days in a row, and on each day you study different components related to the book. It’s a full curriculum that covers geography, social studies, science, history and art. There’s a little math, but not enough for my liking, so I chose to supplement.

As I stated in a previous post, I use Five In A Row mainly for social studies and geography. But, if possible I try to incorporate all the lessons the guidebook recommends for each book, time permitting.

Some days are harder than others, because there is so much to do with each book, and -sometimes I wish I hadn’t chosen additional supplementals; but we are also enjoying our history book immensely (I thought it would be boooorrrrrinnng) and even the language arts and grammar have been pleasurable.

(No comment on math)

Anyways, we got really “into” Madeline. Something about Paris and French culture that brings out the elegance in the everyday… c’ est ci bon!

We have since “rowed” A Story About Ping (China) and How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World (assorted countries) … I really need to catch up here…!


For this tart, we took a simple pâte sucrée dough, lined it in a tart pan and filled it with diced apples, a bit of sugar and cinnamon and then topped it with arranged apple slices, and butter.

Simplicity at it’s finest.

IMG_1654The crust recipe can be found here, but it’s perfectly fine if you happen to use a pre made crust. Time is money, 😉

IMG_1657Bake at 350, for 25-30 minutes… and brush with warm apple jelly to glaze it.

spiced apple tart

Bon Appetit!

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