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baby caramel apples

baby caramel apples~ portion control by nature

My husband says I talk like an old lady sometimes. It’s because I say things like “marketing” and “tiding up”…hmmm.

So, the other day, I was marketing with my sweet mama and came across “lady apples”- little tiny sweet miniature apples.

How cute?! Little things are always cute. Unless it’s a little cup of coffee. Then, there’s going to be words. Anyway….

I debated  going all super-homemade-Betty-Martha-Crocker-Stewart and making homemade caramel to dip these in. But… with baskets of Halloween candy marked down 90%…. I went with some good old fashioned wrapped caramels.

Speaking of really good markdowns… Halloween costumes were 95% off yesterday. I found a cow costume complete with a pink rubber udder. It’s the perfect Christmas gift. Really. I’m going to wrap it up and give it to my hubby as a gag. And, he did say he’ll dress up next Halloween. Tee-hee. No, that’s not his only gift. He will get a shiny bell to wear, too.

I am thinking of banning my family members from reading this site for the next month… that way, I can tell everyone what I bought/made/found. For now, I can tell ya about stuff for the hubby and my mom. They both don’t come here.

I found my mom this awesome antique perfume decanter at an estate/yard sale. Ch-ching! Three dollars.  I’m certain it’s worth more. I need to learn all those markings on breakable things.

Anyway, back to apples:

It’s not rocket science. You melt the caramels, and dip the apples.  Place them in a nice ant-free location to set up.  Yes, those ants tend to know where the sweets are. Grrr. There must be a shortage of ant food outside, because they keep coming to my house to eat.

I felt my apples looked a little “naked” so I dressed them up with some melted chocolate:

baby caramel apples
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 10 mins
Total time: 15 mins
  • 1 bag wrapped caramels
  • selection of apples to dip; washed and dried.
  • 2 tablespoons cream
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips, (to melt/drizzle)
  • optional: chopped nuts, coconut, sprinkles to top
  1. Unwrap caramels and place in a microwave safe bowl.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons cream
  3. Microwave at medium power for 1 minute.
  4. Stir caramels and continue heating at thirty second intervals until melted and creamy.
  5. Add any toppings you may like that need to adhere to the caramel
  6. Dip each apple in caramel and place on wax paper or another non stick surface to set.
  7. If drizzling with chocolate, melt chocolate in microwave and drizzle over set apples.
  8. Store in the refrigerator



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