just yesterday….

This was what I did yesterday. The girliest cookies you’ve ever seen, right? Well, according to my toddler, “It’s tee poddy time!” and so it goes. If you want/need/desire (I couldn’t decide on the proper adjective) the recipe it’s here. They are frosted with royal icing…nothing fancy-but I thought I’d let ya know what I did yesterday. I also sent out more query letters, in hopes that some one out there will want to do something with me and my ideas. No- wait I need to be more positive! …so somebody can scoop me up and pay me to do what makes me happy. That’s a bit better… I need to work on the positive affirmations more. Yesterday I started to miss Christmastime, too. The lights and music mainly. Not the stress. Maybe that’s why I made cookies. I have been thinking about babies and birds lately, too. I think it’s the whole turning 35 next month. If I were a number in math class I would be officially rounded to 40. That’s still young, I know….but I still think I am 26. Birds?  One day….I want to get a baby cockatoo. Maybe before I am 40. So, I have time. Babies? My friends keep popping em out. I think I like toddlers more right now.  More conversations. Toddlers and parrots have a lot in common….don’t ya think? Thanks for letting me ramble. Feel free to ramble, too! Love, MK

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