the weekend…

We  couldn’t go fishing this  weekend….why you ask? These were our seas:

nov2009 012

hmmm…..7-9 further out. Not a good boat day. Good thing we had this:

nov2009 030

live accordian players rock.

nov2009 032

my daughter was mezmerized….

nov2009 033

I think she is gonna want one from santa..

nov2009 037

oh boy… she’s REALLY gonna want one…. hey! check this guy out….

nov2009 038

OK… it’s 83 degrees. Hmmm. Not in his world, I guess. Rock on, dude!

nov2009 026

ooo these look good..

nov2009 027

….even better….

nov2009 040

this, too…

wait- did I say we didn’t fish?

nov2009 045

at least someone got to!

nov2009 046

how many times can you go fish and end up with a blue unicorn? How very cool.

This little Italian festival made me go home and make manicotti. But, that’s a post for this week…. what did y’all do?

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