Pollyanna cake

Things have been rough lately… so,when it gets that way, I want to escape bake. When I was little, one of my favorite movies was Pollyanna. (go figure) If anyone has seen it, there is a part where Pollyanna is eating a piece of cake at a bazaar. The cake looks so good,  that I has been wedged in my memory for near 20+ years.  Upon research,  I have been told it was simply chocolate covered Styrofoam. I tend to disagree. My memory tells me it was fluffy. And the frosting too light to be chocolate. My conclusion it was a vanilla chiffon cake with a penuche frosting. So, begins my challenge: To find, make and post the perfect Pollyanna cake. Maybe I will email Hailey Mills for her thoughts. Maybe not. Have you guys ever seen food and wanted to make it? There are tons of “foodie” movies out there… ooo “Like Water For Chocolate” makes me want hot cocoa…and Johnny Depp. Together. YUM.  And EVERYONE wants what Meg Ryan had in “When Harry Met Sally” tell me, what are your favorite food/movie/t.v moments?

UPDATE!!! I made the cake- be sure and read about it..here

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