how I make sushi…part II

In this roll, I used the tuna, green onion, and cream cheese

gently roll it up and seal it with wet fingers, like an envelope
for a inside-out roll lay rice on a sheet of wax paper, pack it firmly with wet fingers
top with the nori, and repeat the rice process
roll it with the wax paper
that small amount of fish made this many rolls! The key to cutting is using a non serrated VERY sharp knife that is wet. I wipe mine between each cut with a wet paper towel. Did you know that professional sushi chef knives can cost over $1000!? Not $100- ONE THOUSAND! Wow.
There are still 2 more I need to cut!

Pickled ginger is considered a palate cleanser that you eat before each bite. It’s quite yummy! That’s it for now . Time to eat!

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