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It’s Friday, and it’s not an ordinary Friday, either. It’s almost Memorial Day, which means that you’ll be having some extra mouths to feed since it’s almost summer. And, my friends, this is the perfect breakfast to whip up to keep those little tummies full until lunch.

In my house over the summer, I wind up with a little hungry tummy kid around 10:30am. It turns out she’s been conditioned like Pavlov’s dog for snack time. Now, if only I could condition her to clean her room every time I rang a bell…

I have been anal mom lately. I somehow got it in my mind that if I purged the house of all the excess clutter before summer officially begins, it will make daily life much simpler and manageable- with less mess. I realized something already: You can purge your house of all the clutter, but a kid will find a way to always make a mess. And, that’s okay. At least all my clutter is under control. For today.


Back to breakfast pizza. This recipe comes courtesy of  Florida Dairy Farmers, and yes, there’s dairy in it. As in melted cheese. Melted cheese and eggs and bacon…. you just can’t go wrong. The original recipe calls for a homemade crust- but, I know it’s summertime and you may not have the time to invest in homemade crust- if that’s the case, you can use a prepackaged one. It will be just as tasty.

This recipe also re-heats well. So you can make it on Sunday and have a few “lazy” breakfasts ready for the week ahead. Lazy breakfasts to me involve no dishes, FYI.  😉

For the complete recipe, click here: Breakfast Pizza


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