whole wheat crepes with turkey,Brie and apples

This is the perfect little dish if you don’t want something heavy. If, say you overindulged at lunch, and felt a bit full for hours…and hours…

It’s light and healthy, but has that nice sinfulness with a touch of creamy Brie. I knew a girl named Bree once. It turns out, the cheese was much nicer than her.

Now, crepes are pretty simple, the main point is to get your batter real thin and lump free. Think thin pancake batter, or, maybe the consistency of melted ice cream.

Mmmm, melted ice cream.

As far as the lumps go, you can strain it through a sieve if there are some lumps being difficult.

The original recipe called for turkey breast, not the deli kind, it also called for apple butter and buckwheat flour. I tweaked it out…because I was really full and didn’t feel like cooking turkey breast. And, I was plum out of apple butter and buckwheat flour….

crepe batter will always have 3 things: flour,egg and milk. Sometimes other things are added, in this case part whole wheat flour and part all purpose flour…

For my filling, I used Granny Smith apples, arugula, salt, fresh pepper and a blob of Dijon and a blob of honey, ooo- and some salt.

Now, the batter, when you put it in your pan, swirl it all around to make a nice even circle- go on, be brave…go up the sides a bit. Make sure it is super thin. I used 2oz of batter in an 8″ skillet. (non stick skillet that was lightly sprayed with cooking spray, then wipes out with a paper towel)

as they cook, you will be able to slide a spatula around the edges, as if you were freeing a cake from a pan. Then, you’re ready to flip…or, turn them over.

Soon, you will have a nice crepe collection.

and a nice elegant breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/brunch. šŸ™‚


Whole wheat crepes with apple,Brie, arugula and homey Dijon sauce*adapted from Publix Aprons recipe

Crepe batter:

1 c milk

1/2 tbs sugar

1/8 tsp salt

1 tbs melted butter

1/4 c whole wheat flour

1/3- 1/2 c all purpose flour (add 1/3 first, and adjust as needed to achieve thicker batter)

2 eggs

Mix well with a whisk, add flour until a thin batter consistency is reached, strain with a sieve if needed to remove lumps.

Meanwhile in a bowl:


4 c arugula

1 granny smith apple, cut into bite size thin slices

2 tbs Dijon mustard

3 tbs honey

fresh pepper and salt.

To make the crepes:

In a preheated nonstickĀ  skillet that has been sprayed and wiped with cooking spray place 2 oz of batter.

Immediately swirl batter up sides of pan to make a circle. (there should be no “loose” batter after it’s spread. If there is, pour it out.

Cook over med-high until edges come away easily and crepe can be turned.

Cook 2nd side for 35-45 seconds.

Continue with remaining batter.

Place 4-6 slices of turkey on a baking sheet inĀ  piles- Top with a thin slice of Brie cheese, and place under the broiler just to melt the brie.

To assemble:

In the center of each crepe, place a handful of arugula, and top with turkey/Brie.

Roll up and serve seam side down.


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