campin’ n stuff

My husband went on a boys’ fishin’ trip over the weekend… so, I camped.

And.. went to the beach…

and…goofed off.

And- the celebrate the fact the world didn’t end,

we ate Chinese food. That was my daughter’s idea- so we could be like Kai Lan. Ni Hao!

Oh! I made a pie, too. It has a sugar cookie crust. You’re going to love it. But, that’s a bit later. For now, we have:

CAMP FOOD! And, by the way- thank you to all my facebook peeps that gave me awesome camp food ideas- I now have a listof menus for when the whole family goes camping. This weekend was just “practice”.

Now, I camped with a three year old, and I wanted to make it super fun-so I went with basic camp food that we never eat. True story- hot dogs, beans, potato salad and s’mores is not common fare around these parts.

Oh yeah, there was Frankin Berry cereal for breakfast, too. That was fun.

total junk camp food.

Now: the s’mores didn’t get “cooked” – because my little on insisted they stay “pretty”.

Hmmm.  They were tasty nonetheless.

Did I also mention I had to go buy a tent? Yes, we have a tent- but it’s one of those “Taj Mahal” tents, and requires two people to set up. For the record, me and my daughter only count as one person in terms of tent building.

Oh yes- and for the record, it was 90°F out. The bar thing hanging down is for a little awning/cover- I took it off for ventilation.

She insisted upon wearing flannel jammies. Hmmm.

We both had dirty feet.

And, there was no fire except for my dollar store citronella candle. We happen to be in a severe drought, and I am pretty sure I’d get in trouble if I lit a bigger fire than that.

The next day we hit the beach, you know- because we weren’t ready to go indoors yet.

I hope y’all had a good great weekend, and I apologize for my lack of posting. I have a fun food week planned- including that sugar cookie pie. Mmmmmm…




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