Last week, I was thrilled to receive a “Home For The Holidays” gift box, courtesy of Foodbuzz and Hickory Farms.

Yum. Since the holidays are a time to be indulgent and have lots of snacks..cheese, sausage and crackers most certainly fit right in. And, although I am planning a holiday party, I have other plans for these treats.

I’m going to divide them up and place them in my “soldier boxes”

Not that I am pro-war. To be honest, I am saddened at some of the choices our government has made.

But, let’s not start a political debate -that just leads to trouble.  I love my country and have fun here, and I wanted to give back.

The sausages from this box were  PERFECT for soldiers- why? There is not pork in  them.  Yes, you cannot send pork to our soldiers. I suppose that is pretty gracious of us to adopt diet restrictions in order to respect another country’s culture.

I’m also making some cranberry bread, and throwing in an assortment of little toys to pass the time and some luxuries like baby wipes, lotions, chapstick, art supplies, among other items.

I will show y’all the final boxes when they’re done. (Hopefully today…) A few things I have learned from this idea…

It takes about three weeks for something to reach them- so my foodsaver will come in handy for the baked goods.

You can get the boxes at the post office for free, and they are  $12.50 to mail. You need to fill out a customs form, also.

I don’t personally know anyone  overseas right now- but, I wanted a real address of someone so after a “shout-out” to my sweet readers, I found some people.  (thank you!)

I want to try and make these throughout the year…I also would love to make some for just random people overseas- wouldn’t that be cool? You know how a candy bar from a foreign country is just so neat? Wouldn’t someone love a package of American “junk food” ? Hmmm, there’s a thought. If you know a random nice person in another country, let me know. They don’t have to be in the military. They just have to be nice.

There’s nice people in the world. Let’s not let the mean ones ruin it for everyone. 🙂