a chile and a spoon


Dark chocolate…oh yes…


And chile? Heck, yes.

Offset that with a delicate vanilla almond and you’ll know what I mean.

A few days before Thanksgiving, I was presented with a box of dried chilies and a challenge to create something with them, from a lovely food company, Marx foods. The catch? It has to be eaten with a spoon.


Sure, there’s soup, chilli, stews and other savories…but, I decided to try the newest trend with chilies. Chile and chocolate. And, I decided that those two flavors needed a mediator to join them. Who was the lucky mediator? Why, cinnamon of course.

And, since I’m a busy mama and just went through Thanksgiving- I went “sorta-homemade”…the outcome?

You have to try this-it’s that good.

Layers of a vanilla-almond pudding with alternate layers of dark chocolate cinnamon chile pudding.

And yes, you eat it with a spoon.

And, I made it partially from a mix. Doctored up, of course.

But, first let me explain what in the heck to do with dried chilies:

First: Remove the seeds Second: Soak in boiling water for an hour Third: Puree it.

Now take a box of puddin’ mix. Not instant. Dark chocolate.

Add 1 tablespoon cinnamon.

Measure out the milk for the puddin’, BUT- omit 3 tablespoons. Why? Because you will be adding 3 tablespoons of this:

Add them to the puddin’ you’re cooking and stir them in to melt.

Just as the puddin’ is ready to be removed from the heat, stir in this:

1 tablespoon guajillo chile paste mixed with 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Guajillo chilies are a mild chile, with a fruity-almost sweet heat. Like a spicy cinnamon.

My box had hotter chilies….but- I wanted something that was friendly to my little one’s taste buds.

But, don’t worry- I have plans for those spicy guys.

Now, for the vanilla almond layers, which are optional- I used instant vanilla pudding with 2 teaspoons almond extract. Alternate the layers in clear glasses.  Honestly, that chocolate is so good- you can skip the vanilla. But if you want to get all Martha fancy-pants, go for it. It does look pretty layered like that. 😉

Yes, I did mention this is a “challenge” and I up to win some yummy foodie gifts, so- if you liked my little puddin’ creation, show some love an d give a vote. As soon as the voting link is up, I will put it right HERE. Have an awesome day.

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