grilled flank steak with rosemary wine reduction sauce

Well, well, well look at that title. Sounding all fancy pants and posh. If I named it after what actually happened it may not sound as intriguing.

“The steak overcooked…quick melt some butter and throw in some of the wine I’m drinking, and throw some rosemary in, too because that bush is getting way out of hand!”

That’s the real title.

Good thing I took some pictures, cause it ended up mighty tasty.

Good thing I hadn’t drunk no drank, no..hmmm- I’m stuck on past tense of drink. Jeez I’m getting old. Anyway, good thing there was some wine left because beer cannot replace wine in sauces. Beer has it’s own special place inside of chickens and in bread. Not in sauces, though. Sorry, Bud.

Obviously, there is no recipe. Just a verbal how-to. That may be better, because I am still trying to get the print function to work for y’all that are using IE. (Internet explorer)

So take a flank steak. Rub that baby down with some Worchestchire sauce, garlic,fresh pepper, and rosemary.

I know… raw meat does not make a good model. But, you get the idea.

Macarons on the other hand…well, they are the supermodels of the food world in my book.

So,you have your steak all rubbed down and now what?

Grill it. You do it, unless your “cave-man grill master” knows what 4 minutes each side at medium heat means.

Now, if you want a little fancy-pants sauce to adorn your meat…

melt some good ol’ butta in a saucepan. Over medium heat. Um, I think I used 2 tbs…then I added 2 tbs of flour to make a roux. (paste)

Then I said..hmmm…what to add…I didn’t have beef broth or consomme. I was drinking some Cabernet (I am know to do that in the evenings…) so I put some in. It was just under a glass. Then I added the same stuff I used for the steak because they were right there on the counter and I was being a lazy bum. to bring out the subtle flavors of the delicate marinade that was already introduced to the succulent,tender steak. Then, pour yourself another glass and wait for your concoction to cook down (reduce) and not smell so “boozy”. Wow- that is a word. Crazy. Crazy boozy, that is. Oh, if I had capers I would have put some in. That would have been nice.

Can you guess what I did with the leftovers. Sure you can. There’s a picture right there.

Now, I have been thinking about an old post and decided that I will teach y’all a bit of what I learned other than food and domestic life. Are you excited? Me too- because it is giving me something to do with my college. My mom will be proud. Here goes:

Analyze your friends word for today!

histrionic personality disorder:

This type of person tends to be overly flirtatious, seeking to be the center of attention at all times, with strong emotions frequently displayed in public. This individuals appearance is very important to him/her and they tend to be sexually provocative in their behavior.

How to cure them? Jeez I need 4+ more years of school to figure that out.

Anyway, they are not harmful. Let them do their thing. We all have our “thing”, ya know…

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