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Now, I know y’all want a little something sweet today. And I have chocolate-malt sandwich cookies for you. But, first I decided to invite you into my kitchen for a behind-the-scenes. Cookies coming up real soon. And some cheesy chicken. Maybe even some black bean dip….or something Japanese….

Are you ready?

I don’t have a big, modern kitchen.

I don’t have a dishwasher or garbage disposal. Unless you count my husband and dogs…

But what I do have is just enough to keep me busy and this site full of a little something most every day.

Welcome to my galley:

This is where I get all domestic.

Yesterday, I got two smaller binders. The one big one was getting too complicated. Now I have a blue for me site and a yellow for bills and lists pertaining to home. So, although this pic is just 2 days old-it’s officially outdated.

yeah. I know. slacker.

I keep my 25lbs of flour in a bin in the fridge in the garage…and refill my cheap container regularly. I keep meaning to replace the “odd” containers so they all match…I have been slacking on that, too

man, I need more cabinet space…trust me:

woah! Tons o stuff. Seems like no matter what- pasta can never look tidy. It’s not it’s nature.

I need a bigger spice cabinet.  Agree?


do you have a “stack” too? Oh good.


I am such a nerd. Now I am telling the world. Cookbook nerds unite!

bit, honestly I have never cooked on gas. Or, with gas…is it on or with?

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