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Oh no… another day without food?! Yes, it’s not that I haven’t cooked, it’s just I have already done the posts before. So, I decided to show you other parts of my day, outside of the kitchen. Sort of…

Dollar store crafts!!!!


I happen to have a rockin’ dollar store just up the street from me. I spent 4 bucks and got a ton of magnets.

Sure, I could have gone a bit further to the beach to find the shells and sea glass… but it’s tourist season right now- the tourists get to the beach at dawn. They get all the good stuff that washes up overnight. Oh well…glad I have my dollar store.

Do I need to explain how to make them?

Maybe a picture?

There. Just glue and stick. I knew you guys would figure it out.

So, as you know I have a little one with me during the day, while the bigger little one is at school. We have our at-home pre-school, our library days, our gardening days, our chore days, our baking days and our craft days.

It’s been really humid and sticky lately; so I haven’t baked much…and my hubby grilled steaks last night. Not much food going on around these parts.

Building, yes- 🙂 I designed some turtle and tortoise huts… does anyone out there have turtles? Maybe that will make a fun post.

For now, these little magnets make great everyday gifts..what’s an everyday gift?

You know when you’re at the store and see fresh flowers and want to buy them for your mom or sister or someone? But you don’t have the money or they live too far away? These are the perfect thing to send/give.  🙂

Everyday gifts are a nice surprise.

Anyway, those of you that come here to get some ideas for food- here’s what’s on my list:

turkey croquettes

cake for my finale in class on Tuesday

cookie dough balls

homemade pickles

tex-max pasta

CREPES!  I am taking a course on crepes next week. Super excited about that.

how to sprout

some more videos

vanilla extract

apple infused vodka

…and, I have a birthday coming up. Which makes me want to make a list of 36 things to do this year. I need to get on that.

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