how to cover a cake with fondant

I know… another cake? Yes, this one was for the seniors, for a Mother’s day tea.

I didn’t get all fancy-pants with it… why? Well- a few reasons: I couldn’t get a hold of the woman in charge of the event. So I had no clue exactly what they wanted.  Ugh. Frustrating. Because I am  one of those planning people. I like to know what I need to do.

I finally was told: Just do something nice and simple and pretty.


Now- I took some pics to show you the best way to go about covering a cake with fondant.  Yay. 🙂This is my usual cake. The same recipe as always. I think I have made more cakes this year than in my entire life.

Which, in turn has made me want macarons. Which I made yesterday. Which, did no come out. Which, made me mad.

I’m over it, now. It’s Friday- and I am going to get all my chores done this a.m. and then bake something up that involves blackberries and vanilla.  Yum.

I’ll probably take some pics of the un-macarons, too.

Now: fondant- to cover a cake with it, two things to remember:

The cake needs to have a thin coat of frosting. And, you must roll out the fondant in a circle twice the diameter of the cake. This was a 9″ cake. So… I rolled it out 18″.

By the way, rolling fondant is a great workout for your arms. I’m buff thanks to fondant. 😉

Then, I eat it…and undo it all. Oh crap.

Now: I didn’t get a pic of the actual application- but, what you do is flip the fondant back onto the rolling pin, and then center it over the cake, and unroll it from the pin. Does that make sense? I need an assistant or an extra arm sometimes.

I used a pizza cutter to trim off the excess fondant. I have leftover purple fondant. Lots, actually. I don’t know why I had to roll it out that big. That’s just what the “cake police”  recommend.

It’s better to have to much than too little I suppose.

Anyway, I guess I will tell y’all what I have been busy working on, aside from disastrous macarons.

I am creating a new site/add on to this one. Because, let’s face it: this one is consistently food related. But, there is more to life than food. And, sometimes I don’t have food for you guys. Sometimes I have crafts.. sometimes I organize my junk drawer and take pictures of it.Other times it’s cheap ways to entertain a kid. Then, there’s times I plant things and sometimes I just take pictures of  people dressed in black leather in the summer. You know, domestic life stuff.

So~ I am in the process of working on an entirely new portion.

Now: aside from food- what types of “stuff” do you want to see more or less of?

This is one of the few places in life where your opinion really matters, so speak your mind! 🙂

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