homemade rolled fondant

Mmm, fondant.It’s a love/hate thing I think. I happen to adore the stuff. It’s texture, sweetness and the way it can make a cake look like a sculpture.  Some people though, gag at it. And that’s okay, too. I gag at applesauce. Eww.

I love apples, though.


Most of you guys from twitter and facebook know all my happenings, and a few of y’all were shocked over the weekend when little ol’ me dropped a big ol’ “F”-bomb.

I was pissed.

Yes- I get pissed. It takes a lot to piss me off, because I would usually do something else…I hate being pissed. It puts me in a bad mood.

Sugar and fondant helped in this situation. Especially the fondant…because you have to really knead it…which helps if you’re frustrated…or pissed.

What was I pissed about? Ugh… typical drama.I won’t put dirt on other people out there. Not cool. And, it turns out- most was just misunderstood crap, anyway.

One thing, however.. I do count my blessings that the drama that occurred was external drama, and didn’t alter our family structure whatsoever. There were times that external drama produced internal problems..but then- we woke grew up and realized external issues with others should not and will not destroy something that’s ours. Does that make sense to y’all?

Little life advice. Ahh. Now back to those beautiful cakes!

This fondant is a basic recipe, I took one given to me, and merged it with one found in a Wilton book (Wilton yearbook, 2011)

It’s flavored with almond and butter and vanilla. Oh yes.

2 ingredients have to be bought at a craft/specialty bake ware shop. Glycerin and glucose.

The others are at your supermarket: shortening, sugar, gelitan, extract.

It takes about 20 minutes to make.

Enough for an 9×3″ cake.


warning: glucose is like clear molasses. Slow and sticky.

With a bit of muscle… this mixture will become a smooth sweet smelling dough:

See that dough scraper on the left? Go out and buy one. I love that thing. It is like having a little elf clean my counter.

A cheap one that costs under 5 bucks, too. Ch-ching!

Now, I have my cake finale class for fondant on Tuesday. I have designed 4 cakes and I cannot decide. Ugh.

I still have that bow, too….and all these flowers…

and these realistic looking carnations, except they remind me more of marigolds because of the color…

I don’t think I will make anymore mums, however. Unless it’s a Dr. Seuss cake…

hmmm… there’s roses, too and lilies.

I wish I could show y’all how to make them, but…honestly, it’s one of those things you have to see being done. Photos don’t show the method. It’s hard to explain.  Like riding a bike. Could you learn that by reading? Nah.

Anyways, my little pissed off self cooked up a storm over the weekend, and I have a plethora of goodies to share. AND I am going to be attending a class this weekend on crepes. We will be preparing hands on in a real kitchen 5 different varieties of crepes. Ooo la la! 🙂  {insert French accent}

For  rolled fondant recipes go here, because it’s a cool site with tons of other ideas. Yay to that.

The changes I made personally were:

reducing the water by 3 teaspoons and replacing it with 1 tsp vanilla (clear) 1 1/2 tsp almond and 1/2 tsp butter flavorings.

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