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pass the prosciutto~squash carbonara bites

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There are a few things in life that are worth splurging on: chocolate, wine and prosciutto. Of course, there are some non food items that are worth indulging in also… garbage bags, knives and a good saucepan are ones that come to mind. I’m sure you have some of your own, too.

Today I’m going to share with you the prosciutto. Did you think prosciutto was prosciutto?

Me too. (reason number 362 I am not an executive chef somewhere)

Until I learned about Parma Ham.

Now I am an executive chef in  my own trattoria. (which consists of one dining table, one dining patio, and one galley kitchen- AKA my home)

Now, back to the Parma Ham.

Parma Ham on the other hand, is prosciutto from that area of Emilia-Romana defined by European law as the region of Parma and is regarded as perhaps the only true prosciutto. Parma is the same region famous for Parmesan cheese. source: http://www.medifoods.co.nz

Prosciutto is a general term for a uncooked, dry cured ham. But, like good grapes from specific region yeild a fine wine , and excellent cheeses start with quality milk; the same holds true for many meat products.

Now: my next task: using Parma Ham in a recipe. Parma Ham is naturally gluten free, so I decided to showcase that fact and create a gluten free dish, and… with the holidays upon us- I decided that a bite size appetizer will be just the thing to showcase this luscious meat. The sweetness of the squash is wonderfully counter balanced by the saltiness of the Prosciutto and creaminess of the egg and cream.


I started with a spaghetti squash that I roasted, and tossed with some olive oil, Parmesan cheese,a splash of cream and a farm fresh egg.

_DSC0073Place the mixture into a greased muffin tin,

_DSC0074Top with a dab of pasta sauce…

_DSC0075Bake for a short time, then top with fresh Parma Ham and fresh grated cheese….

_DSC0086.NEFThese make an ideal gluten free appetizer or side dish.



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