So, I know- I have been all talk about these babies. How they are easy-but challenging. And they are addicting to make. I don’t know why.

Anyway, for my birthday I got the book “I ♥ Macarons”  and… IT FINALLY CAME! On Friday. The same day my kitchen scale got broken. 🙁  Not that you NEED a scale to make them…. it’s just most recipes are in that sort of format. Oh well. For today, I will leave you with some pics of my flawed macarons- when you see how they should REALLY look (here) you will see mine are definitly “off”, lol.

BUT…. if you follow me on Facebook you also know that my sweet sister (who lived in France) gave me a plethora of French cookbooks. I made those pretty fruit tarts- the ones with the creme in the center and shiny fruit on top….yum. So pretty. And-NOT THAT HARD! Yipee! I will be posting that- just waiting on some nice light today to get some pics of the lil babies.  Oooo…. anf French country chicken. Yum.  For now, enjoy these:

very 1st batch-almonds were WAY too coarse.

my personal  favorite- although the egg whites were over beaten. Hubby isn’t a chocolate fan- to be honest I am not, either. Except for these. Yum.

hubby’s favorite. Weird. He likes the pink ones. Hmmm.

So, if you are thinking about scales head over to “Blogs From A Homesick Aussie” because she is giving one away! And, check out her site while you’re there…..very cool gal.