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Introducing… something new

Well… helooooo there old friend.

It’s been a while. And, yes… you may have gotten some updates from a totally different site. This site is no longer The Village Cook, – it’s now got a new name, new domain and shiny new look. Of course, all the original recipes are still here, too.

And, you still have me! Nothing has changed there.

Be sure to subscribe here so you’ll get updated – I promise no spam.

Speaking of spam… did you know there is an incredibly popular sushi roll in Hawaii thats made with Spam…random thought.  Since we are on the subject of random thoughts: I’ll quickly fill you in on the past year or so behind the scenes.

First of all: we are still  fostering. We’ve had our latest little guy over a year now and things are progressing just as they should be, I suppose. But: it’s been an exhausting year.

Our kitchen sprung a leak in early October; which led us to be without a functioning kitchen for a bit of time- I’ll share about that in a separate post.  Now I have a brand new organized kitchen, just waiting for memories to be made in.

There were lows and highs… One of our dogs passed away last year, and we celebrated birthdays (2, 2, 4,5,14!)

And: I created recipes. Many that I cannot wait to share, some I cannot wait to shame, lol.

Bottom line- welcome back-and to The Domestic Kitchen. Where life and love intercept to create the recipes that make memories®.



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