three ingredient cookie bars

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Jump to Recipe Okay, if you want to count the fleur de sal (French sea salt flakes , aka flower of the sea) it’s technically four ingredients. But nobody likes the person that points out the unessecarily obvious flaws in life.

Quick: What’s you’re favorite candy? It’s Halloween time so that’s completely appropriate to ask. Now: in January when it’s peak diet season? Nah… not a good time to ask. That’s the time to ask, what’s your favorite raw veggie or something like that.

My favorite candy is “Twix-zero bars-reeses-skittles-and fudge.” I can’t pick just one, you know. 😉

Now: if you ask me my favorite homemade candy it would be this. (Or, these to be exact. )

And: y’all: they are sooooo easy. The hardest part is grocery shopping. Or, if you’re a drive up gal like myself- the hardest part is checking in all the kids into their assorted harness devices and going somewhere but not getting out. Certain parts of the pandemic have stayed with me. Drive up grocery shopping is just so. much. easier. I look like a walking daycare when I go places. And, sometimes people even ask that. (shocking, I know)

Nevermind nobody matches clothing or skin tone for that matter. The fact they are all calling me “MOMMY!” should be a good indication that I do not run a day care.

And, what day care takes kids to Walmart?


Back to” super easy inpresss your friends and enemies” with this gem of a recipe:

First step:

Lay out shortbread cookies on a nice rimmed pan. I used my 9×13 ‘ol standby. I used the shortbread cookies that are rectangular and the brand rhymes with stalker. They don’t stalk me so I won’t mention the actual brand name. But: I’d be happy to- for a lifetime supply or equivalent of their shortbread. (note: this recipe has been tested multiple times  with other shortbreads, and they all are tasty, I just have my favorite one listed)

Melt some caramels. I used the little balls, made by a company that rhymes with raft. Same situation applies,. they aren’t my financial raft- but I’ll keep em in business using their sweet goods. I won’t mention a name unless they decide to float me over some sweet things to line my kitchen with.

As for the chocolate: all glory to the cocoa plant! Actually, I used a nice semisweet ship made by a company that I couldn’t pronounce until I was ten. And: all I’m gonna say is it kind of sounds like “get-in-my-belly” I’m sure you can imagine how tasty their confections are. If they knew who I was I would certainly be “filling all the bellies with _______adelli.”

Creative name dropping. Bam.


Spread the caramels over the cookies, and melt some of that “get in my belly” chocolate…

Slather it all over the caramel like you’re going on a ten day hike in the dessert.

Sprinkle with salt, if your blood pressure is cool with it, and….. slice into bars.

There you have it.

Now: get on it!

Three ingredient candy bars

Author mk


  • 1 12oz bag of chocolate chips
  • 1 12 oz bag of caramel candies, either squares unwrapped or caramel bits
  • 1 box shortbread cookies (enough to line a 9x13 pan)
  • salt, optional


  • Line a 9x13 pan with cookies
    melt caramels according to directions on bag
    spread over cookies
    melt chocolate in microwave at 50% power for 20 second intervals stirring between until smooth
    spread over caramel and sprinkle with salt.
    Allow to set and, using a sharp knife, cut into bars.

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