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baby blueberry pies!

I like this pic so much I had to start with it…

I made a basic pie crust for a 2part 9″pie crust… 2 and 3/4c flour, 3/4c shortening, 1/2tsp salt and 8 tbs cold water

Blueberries, 1c sugar, vanilla, 2tbs butter and 4tbs flour… I cooked it over med heat till it got a little saucy. (8min)

I cut out the dough with a biscuit cutter and placed it into my muffin pan, had some extra dough so I played with that a little. (so did my 2year old!) Be careful you don’t overfill the little guys.

Baked at 375 for hmmm… about 35-40 min. Let em cool completely before removing. I slid a knife along the edges then gently pried them up. Yum. no…. YUM! enjoy! Feel free to comment. Y’all are too shy. (hee-hee)

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  1. […] I used refrigerated crust. Ain’t nobody got time for scratch made around here anymore. But, if you simply must- I have a classic pie crust recipe here. […]

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