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cupcakes and cannonballs

frosty blue cupcakeCupcakes.

Innocent. Sweet.  A little more than a cookie and a little less than a cake. That in-between dessert.

Kind of like a pre-teen.

Seriously, what happens between ages 11-13? !This is the first time I have raised a pre-teen to teen girl and the morphing process is like a cupcake turning into a cannonball.

From soft and sweet to a wrecking ball…

Not exactly a wrecking ball, just a ball that’s swaying there… and you never know what it’s going to do.

Gotta love hormones, eh?

Sometimes the only thing that helps pre-teen angst is cupcakes.

cupcakesCreamy,  blue cupcakes with tiny white sprinkles.

Or, allowing her to watch a marathon of Cupcake Wars.

As far as pre teen boys go? I don’t know… that is a whole world I haven’t step foot in.

These cupcakes were made for her 12th birthday, back when her favorite color was blue, and she loved Taylor Swift.

Now she’s 13 and I am pretty sure her favorite color is black, her hair is blue (not my choice) and her music sounds like men getting tortured while guitars are smashed.

Oh how I miss Taylor…..

Cupcakes and cannonballs…. this too shall pass.


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