cookie bar trees

cookie bar trees~ cross between a cookie bar and a cookie tree

Oh my have I been way super busy! Way super-duper fun busy, though. Going through Christmas  cookbooks, planning homemade gift ideas, shopping, making cookies, truffles, interviews, cleaning up pine needles….waiting on butter to soften, etc etc. That’s just fun stuff.

Anyway, we got our tree. Obviously when faced with the pine or plastic choice we go for the pine. And, every year I say I am going to buy a plastic the day after Christmas. Then, I decide I don’t want to store it.  This years tree proved to be difficult. If I had to guess, I would say the tree is two. As in, terrible twos.

So we get the tree, strap it on the roof of my car and come home. After wrestling 30 minutes to screw it in the stand, me and my hubby realized it was crocked. Since we’re both a bit OCD with crocked things we took turns spinning the tree and adjusting its screws.  30 more minutes and 4 sore knees later it looked okay.

3 hours later -as I settled in for a long winters’ nap, I quickly arose as I heard a large crash! Instantly, I knew what was the matter- there, on my floor was a fallen tree and a gallon of water.

How’d you like my twist on The Night Before Christmas? I know, you kinda have to say “wadder” instead of water. But it sorta rhymes.  😉 I’m goofy. I know.

Anyway, I also went on an interview! ( First interview in 18 years…) See, I’m being called to teach kids cooking… and I think it may be happening soon. In the interview I had to say what my best and worst trait was. So I said I was a compassionate control freak.  My hubby said I was a patient hoarder. Then he said, not like TV show hoarder… you just have a lot of cookbooks. Hmmm.  Glad I’m not tv show hoarder.  I’m an “organized hoarder”. All  my books  fit in a bookcase. 😉

So, I made these cookies for my moms group cookie exchange. Why cookie exchanges are limited to December is crazy. Cookie exchanges should happen monthly. I took my sister to it as well, it was nice to have cookie and sister time.  And, yes she brought my new nephew as well, and he’s a cutie- I need to be careful, or I’ll start wanting another one.

back to cookies:

These are beyond easy. No rolling of dough, no washing cookie cutters. Ya-hoo!

first you bake up a batch of sugar cookie bars, yep, the recipes is posted here.

Then, you slice em like this:

the end pieces will be an odd shape… you can just eat those. Or, better yet- share with your dog or cat. Do cats like cookies? I haven’t had a cat in years… I used to have five. I was a weird cat lady at one point on my life. Then I became dog lady. I have always been weird turltle girl, though.

I brought these to my cookies swap, but saved a few for my girls, who were whining that I always give away the stuff I make. Hey- ’tis the season to do that!Unless it’s a mess… if you make a mess don’t even try giving that away.

Word of advice for the day: If you order a package online, open it asap. I got a _______ instead of a ______!  Glad I didn’t wait to open it. Whew.

I think it will be replaced in time to get placed on the sled.  😉






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