chocolate ganache

They look like little hamburgers, don’t they? If you follow this site- you know that this was my 3rd attempt at making these treats. What went wrong this time? The egg whites were over beaten. But, how did they taste? AMAZING. I attribute that to the chocolate ganache filling. OMG good. It was a basic ganache, similar to the truffle centers here. But,  let me tell you- it will be amazing in cake, or cupcakes, or on a spoon. Promise. Make some up, store it in the fridge. It won’t let you down.

As for the macarons. I made some more strawberry ones yesterday. I’m waiting on the sun to rise to get pics. They were perfect, with smooth flat tops and little “feet” at the base. Finally. So- when I get my photos and such I will share the complete recipe- along with all the %^#@* mistakes that I made- so you won’t make em. It’s trial and error, but aren’t ya glad I figured the errors for ya? As for today, make up some ganache.


In a saucepan over med heat,

1⁄2  c heavy cream

1 tbs butter (I use salted-I always do)

2 tsp light corn syrup

bring to a boil, stirring be careful to not let it burn!

remove from heat and mix in 4 oz good quality chocolate chips and 1 tsp vanilla. Stir until melted and smooth. Cover and place in the fridge 24 hrs.

*this recipe is an adaptation of  one from the book “The Sweet Life In Paris” by David Lebovitz

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