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Well, I finished my fondant and gum paste class this week, and, like finishing a really good book- I am sad it’s over.  Of course, there are more classes on the horizon…but, I really loved this one.

Oh well.

I decided to share with you guys the beautiful cakes that were created by my classmates, along with my usual ramblings and remarks…

Here’s the little bakery/shop I take my classes at-it’s a good ol’ mom and pop bakery & supply shop. I am annoyed I never found her earlier…she has everything you need for anything sweet-from candy to cookies. Not to mention it smells better that a bakery in there. Mmm, one of my favorite places.

My classmate that sat next to me, brought in this monster of a cake to cover. Seriously, it was huge. Turns out, I found out she had gone to culinary school, so I assume she’s used to making huge cakes.

I tend to not go bigger than 9″ myself.

Maybe one day I will make a huge cake.

I was glad she did a square one, because you cover them with fondant differently. So I learned that, too. Yippee.

The girl across from me, made this one- it reminded me of an Easter bonnet. She did her trim with a Cricut machine. A Cricut machine is normally used for paper crafts, but they make frosting sheets you can use with them. Frosting sheets. That sounds yummy.

My blue girlfriend here-works at Tiffany’s. But, she wasn’t aiming for the Tiffany blue-teal.  She’s been in both classes with me, and we always end up cracking jokes at each other from across the table- either she gets my weird sense of humor or she’s really polite. Wait- maybe she’s both….hmmm. Anyway, hopefully we’ll sit closer next round- then we can talk about how our flowers are looking more like human parts than plant parts. Yes that happens with some of those bases you make. When the instructor said  “golf tee shape” …well, you can imagine. Potty humor. Fun.

Now, this was just so pretty. I loved her flowers and the purple shade. It is such a ladies luncheon cake. Don’t you think?  Definitly not for the Superbowl.

This was the sweetest tiny cake (6″) and it was done by the daughter of a mother-daughter team taking the course together. I forgot to ask her how old she was… I am guessing a very mature, 12 or 13. Very sweet and very talented. You know how some 12-13 year olds are a little obnoxious and spastic? She was the total opposite. Good work, mom & dad! 🙂

Here’s mom’s cake of the mother-daughter team. Mom was just as sweet as her daughter, and the color she chose was just gorgeous. Doesn’t it have that nice, tranquil feel?

remember that huge chocolate cake? Well, here it is covered in crisp, white rolled fondant. What I learned from this: covering a chocolate cake with white fondant is tricky, you cannot really redo it if you mess up. In this case, there was a tear on one corner, but you wouldn’t know it anymore, would you? That’s what’s awesome about fondant- you can throw a drape here or there, and it’s simply gorgeous.

Now this cake, I was lucky enough to sample a bit of the chocolate fondant. Ooo, I think I could have eaten a tub of it. Think, soft creamy Tootsie Roll. I just loved her little Black-Eyed-Susan flowers.

and, this little butter yellow cake is mine. I had the worst time deciding on what to do with my cake, and finally just decided this in class.

I still have that bow I made… somehow, it just didn’t “fit” right with the flowers. That means-I get to use it on another cake. YUM.

Now, as far as how my cake tasted?

It was a butter cake with alternating butter-cream and strawberry layers.

The fondant was homemade and flavored with butter,vanilla and almond.

It was yummy. 🙂

Tomorrow I will share the cake and the step by steps of it coming together.

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