ham n’ eggs & sucky days

Sometimes, there’s days that go by as smooth as softened butter on a hot biscuit, other days…it’s more like cold butter on dry toast. You know what I mean? I have to use a food analogy since this is a “food blog”.  And, I’m sure you have days like that… maybe you’ve had some days worse than that.. where you wake up and dread the days’ tasks that lie ahead. Or, maybe life has grown so routine that you can’t even remember last Tuesday, or yesterday for that matter.

Days like that suck.

I think that’s why we get sick, sometimes… it makes us realize that it doesn’t suck that much when you’re well.

There had been times in my past when I complained about having “so much to do” and then WHAM! I’m struck down with the rhino virus. Then I can’t wait to get better so I can happily “do my stuff”.  Lately, in my house we’ve all been trying not to grumble about anything. Even the neighbors barking dog, the high humidity, lack of money  and yes, even my cooking. (Lately I have been altering sodium for hubby’s diet)

It’s been hard.

As you know the hubs has some high blood pressure, so I had to dust off my nutritional mind and get him on a regimen.  Honestly, he’s taking it quite well. He takes his vitamins and herbs,  loves his brown rice and lean turkey, he eats fish tacos, and he’s drinking “light” coffee. It was 172 last Monday, and now it’s 134. Yes, supplements and diet has helped… but I believe the prayers are where the real help is coming from.  Can I just say one thing, though? I mean I have to grumble about this…

That “light” coffee… well, it really really sucks.

Personally, I have low blood pressure. Doctors have joked with me and asked if I was alive. I need coffee.

So… I’m going to have to buy one of those dual-pot coffee makers. I know everyone loves their Keurigs, but I’m too cheap to buy those pods. Hey, at least I’m honest.

Speaking of coffee… y’all need some breakfast:

There is no recipe for this. It’s one of those awesome mental recipes like pasta and cereal.

Canadian Bacon, Eggs. Bake em.

If Canadian bacon could talk…would it say eh? I actually love hearing Canadians talk.

Once I spent some time in Wisconsin and ended all my sentences like a question. True story. I also drank too much Tequila there also.  But, that’s another post one day.

If you get a parrot that talks from England would it have an accent?

I need to Google that.

Don’t salt the eggs, the ham does it for you eh.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Got that all down?

Cool. Now, go off and have a jolly good day eh?





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