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My husband was so happy I made these. Not because of what they are, but because of where I found the recipe. All afternoon, I heard him say:

“You finally made one of those recipes….”

DSC_0481You see, every Sunday we go to a little pub for some 50¢ hot wings,  and every Sunday, I pick up a “Weekender” newspaper there. It’s one of those little free publications that really aren’t technically newspapers, the only similarity is that it’s printed on newsprint paper. It’s full of local events and ads, and not something I would have ever  picked up until the one day I realized that there are recipes inside. Not just recipes, either… recipes with full color drool worthy pictures, too.

Whenever we  go there, order our wings and look at the recipes while we wait. Sometimes, they look really good. Other times, we wonder how on earth anyone could possibly eat that.  Then, there are times when we discuss everything we’d change about the recipe. (It’s times like those I know I married Mr. Right.)

More often than not, I always say, “When we get home, I’m making this.”

And, more often than not, once we get home, I say “Maybe later this week”

Except this past Sunday was an exception: I made these:

DSC_0492.NEFMaybe it was because the little pub was strewn wildly with Halloween decor, and a slightly cool shift in the wind evoked a festive spirit in me. Either way, my mind was set. Brownies were going to happen.

Small problem: The recipe called for a mix. And, I didn’t have any, I also didn’t have any bakers chocolate to make soem from scratch.

I tried to get out of it. I justified a trip to the store on a Sunday was not worth it. But… the idea of creamy Halloween-y brownies was stronger than any reason I could think of.

DSC_0448.NEFAnd, with that being said- brownies were made.



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