cheddar and vegatable pasta bake

This is officially my new favorite side dish. Especially when I can’t think of a side veggie. I have the worst time deciding on side veggies sometimes. This has the veggies mixed right it…think of it as a “two for one” side dish.

You could even add chicken to it and call it a meal.Perfect for busy days.

I have to tell you, that this has got to be the easiest cheese sauce ever. I’m totally going to be using it again.

Its as easy as cooking up some pasta. I have to admit, the original recipe called for penne or bow-ties; I opted for these giant corkscrews that I had on hand… hopefully the pasta police don’t come and knock on my door.

So, once you have your pasta all hot n steamy… the sauce is simple: melted butter, evaporated milk and reduced fat cheddar cheese. Yes, reduced fat melts just as good and is just as gooey & creamy as the full fat.

Another awesome thing about this recipe… it used a thawed bag of mixed veggies. So, they don’t get all soggy when it bakes. I’m sure you could use fresh, but you may want to blanch them first.

For the complete recipe that’s all ready to print, click here: Cheddar & Vegetable Pasta Bake

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